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honeycomb pinwheel

These pretty pinwheels are deceptively simple to make! They take time, patience and a delicate hand, but no serious crafting skills or specialist equipment required!


You will need:

3 sheets of A4 lightwight paper (100gsm or less)



A needle (or sharp piercing object)

Thin Ribbon

Download the template from here, trace and cut out 28 pieces from the paper. If you have a cutting machine you can trace the template into your software.

honeycomb pinwheel diy

Fold across the middle, using hot glue or very strong glue stick together at the points marked by the dots in the picture above, do this with all of the pieces! Next take one of the folded pieces and apply a line of glue down the length of it as shown below.

honeycomb pinwheel diy

honeycomb pinwheel diy

Stick another piece on top, then repeat until you have used all of the pieces. Leave until completely dry!!! Once dry gently start to stretch the pieces apart, push your fingers down into the openings, slowly manipulate until the two ends reach one another. Glue the two final pieces together, if you are not using hot glue you may wish to use a clip to hold it in place whilst it drys. Alternatively you could use a thin strip of double sided sticky tape.

Make a small hole through one of the points using the needle, and thread the ribbon through! Your pinwheel is now ready to hang!! You may find that you need more or less cut out pieces depending on the paper you use! You can play with scale, again you may have to adjust the amount of pieces you cut out! I used this paper, it prints really well!

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