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Origami decorations

I've been making these decorations for years but have never really considered using them as part of a kit or installation design, I'm not sure why as they are really easy to make and they look great. You don't need to use proper origami paper to make them, in fact they are probably better made from something a little thicker so they are more robust. I've used a combination of papers for these ones, the apricot coloured ones are made from clairefontaine maya paper which is 120 gsm, both the patterned and the blue one are made with origami paper from Tiger. The origami

paper was a dream to fold but the end result is a little flimsy, the maya paper was harder to fold but gluing was easier and the final product feels much stronger, and it looks nicer too. I recommend using a quick drying clear strong glue, I use hot glue, but you may prefer something that takes a little longer to dry so that you have enough time to manoeuvre them into place. The paper squares can be any size, I used 15cm squares to make these and they came out at

approximately 9.5 cm wide, smaller ones will need thinner paper, and vice versa. I hope the instuctions are easy to follow! Have fun!


Paper squares


Strong glue

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