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gift with happy birthday label

I've been working on a new fairy light craft kit that I designed some cute print for, I thought I'd make the most of them by using them in some other projects, like this quick diy that I thought I'd share with you, it's a simple little project, just download the print file, cut out the labels and attach string. I've written some instructions too just in case they're needed.


Thick photo quality printer paper or card (I used this one)

A printer

Some paper scissors

A hole punch (I used this one)

Some twine or string (I used this one and this one)

Download the print file below.

parcel labels
Download PDF • 12.03MB

I recommend printing out the file on to photo quality paper using the printers best quality settings, the paper I've recommened above is quite thick (180gsm) so make sure your printer can handle it, if it can't you can use a thinner paper (I love this one) and then glue it to some card or thicker paper.

Roughly cut out the the labels to separate them, then carefully cut them out individually.

Once you've cut them out, use a hole punch to cut the holes in the tags.

The tags can be cut at both ends with twine threaded through both holes, the larger octagon labels can be cut and threaded on four sides, or just you can cut one hole and use them as traditional tags.

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