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fall paper leaf garland diy

It is my intention to do a series of free online tutorial and downloads, maybe once a month, based on the season. By writing it down I'm hoping this will keep me accountable, I already have the christmas one planned so hopefully I'll manage to stick to it, for this year at least!

For this garland I wanted to create something autumnal but not too twee, I decided to use the origami decorations as kind of abstract pumpkins, and the black and white patterns are to give it a modern feel.


Copper coloured twine (2m and 5x30cm)

Copper coloured glitter card

Good quality printing paper (and a printer)

Black paper

Burgundy paper

Apricot paper

Metallic copper paper


Clear nail polish (optional)


hole punch or circle punch



this PDF

I used clairefontaine maya paper for the metallic and plain papers, for the printed paper I used Epson photo quality paper and used the highest quality print settings. The copper glitter card and twine were already in my craft stash and I used hot glue to assemble everything.

Before you follow the instructions below you'll need to print and cut out the squares and follow the origami decoration tutorial here once you've made the five decorations.

If you don't have the materials or you don't fancy doing all of the printing and cutting, you can buy a kit with everything prepared here.

Click to enlarge instructions

I hope you have fun making it, let me know below if you decide to give it a try!

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