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chocolate bark recipe

I love the seemingly endless trend for pink, it now has it's own hashtag #millenialpink! I love pink, and it has always been a wedding favourite, though it can end up looking too frou frou if you aren't careful, here are some of my favourite pink things (warning this post mostly contains pink food!) that would be great at a wedding, bridal shower or any party!

To the right this gorgeous pink chocolate bark is covered with edible flowers and rainbow sprinkles! It looks so easy to make too, you can get the

recipe here!

rose sorbet

This rose sorbet looks stunning and again it looks really easy to make! It get's it's pink colour because it's made from rosé wine. You will need an ice-cream maker to make it though! the recipe is here.

Buttermilk cake (below) with blood orange frosting, the icing on this cake is the softest shade of blush pink, you can find the recipe here, there is triple sec in the icing too which will add a nice boozy kick.

How cute are these! Grapefruit possets with a salty biscuit and pistachio crunch on top, you can get the recipe here!

grapefruit pink possets

So I had better add some decor idea's! The combo of tropical leaves with pink balloons is a really simple and budget friendly way of creating vibrant fun decor!

pink tropical balloons

pink tropical leaf balloons

How about neon pink garlands made from stickers, find

the 'how to' here!

And finally below, pink smoke bombs!! The pink smoke from this wedding perfectly compliments the bridesmaids dresses! Featured on the green wedding shoes blog!

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