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I frequently get asked where I get my paper from, and what weights I recommend, so I thought I'd just write it all down here!

Unfortunately there is no one range of paper that has it all, nor can I find a place that stocks all of the brands/colours/sizes that I use. The two main places I get my stock from are PDA card and craft and Great Art. Great art have a brilliant range and are very well priced, they have a massive store in east London, located on kingsland Road. They don't stock all of the paper they sell on their website but you can order online. PDA card and craft are based in Nottingham, I only buy online from them, their website can be a little tricky to navigate but they are extremely helpful!

My two favourite papers are Fabriano Tiziano (it cuts and folds beautifully) and Colorplan (beautiful colour range) by GFSmith I would say that I use these two the most. I can only use papers that are available in larger sizes, so that can be a bit restrictive, I've listed most of the papers I use below!

Fabriano Tiziano

This is a pastel paper, so it has a slight texture to it, It cuts very well and holds shape beautifully, it is 165 gsm with a high cotton content and is pretty robust, I use it for large and small flowers.


This paper comes in a beautiful range of colours and multiple weights too, which means it's very versatile, it cuts and folds reasonably well.


I only use a few of the Pop'Set colours, they are super vibrant especially the cosmo pink, unfortunately it doesn't always cut that well, it definitely needs a sharp blade!


Again I only use a few of these, they have a few colours I can't get anywhere else.

Daler Rowney Canford

I love the metallic gold and silver in this range, it also comes as a paper and a card so is good for both small and large flowers. It also probably the most widely available too.

Clairefontaine Maya

This one also comes in multiple weights although the paper is a bit thin for me, it has great colours and cuts really well. It is also the cheapest range too!

Fabriano Cartacrea

I love the vibrancy of this paper, it has a striated texture on one side and is smooth on the other, it's thick and folds and curls really well, it's also very reasonably priced.

I'm always on the look out for new ranges so if you know of any that i've missed please comment below!

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